On a commercial scale without expertise in plant science with one of the most efficient and functional grow systems available on the market.

The system is engineered for a simple setup process, easy operation, fewer physical demands, and a better indoor work environment. Our aeroponic grow walls offer the highest ROI in the market of any indoor system and are the best option for growers who need a high-density indoor operation with a streamlined workflow and maximum operational efficiency for faster planting and harvesting and high production yields.

A precision controlled environment with high-yields, consistent operating costs and good results from day to day and year to year ensures continuous production and profitability.

  • Module size – 4’ (1.22m) x 6’ (1.83m).
  • Full wall size – 8’(2.4m) x 6’(1.83m) x 2 sides.
  • Capacity per module – 144 plants.
  • Capacity per wall – 576 plants (4 modules @ 2 per side).
  • Round 2” (5cm) diameter x 2” (5cm) depth cups allows for greater seed capacity per cup, and greater options on grow mediums.
  • Pump (24vDC) only requires 60w power supply (ideal for Solar).
  • Leveling Caster Wheels make the system easy to move and level.
  • Easy to clean without the need of chemicals.
  • Manufactured in Hanover, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Constructed with only FDA Approved Food Safe materials.
  • Full 5-year warranty.
  • Each 2 sided wall can grow up to 576 plants per cycle.
  • High density grow units maximizes the use of space to improve yields.
  • Each wall can be set to its unique irrigation schedule, water PH and nutrient levels settings adjusted to precise plant requirements to optimize overall plant growth.
  • Removable panels are made with lightweight, sturdy and durable food-safe materials that assemble quickly.
  • Accessible plumbing, equipped with pressure valves, allows the user to control and balance water flow using 90% less water.
  • Hinged Opening Walls allow for easy access to the inside of the system to facilitate cleaning.
  • Water dosages are carefully regulated to prevent over- and under- watering from occurring, minimizing nutrient losses and reducing plant
  • Low power draw is more energy-efficient than the best systems in the market today and enables farming off-grid.
  • Smart systems give plants just the right amount of nutrient-rich water directly to plant roots, ensuring a healthier root system and strong and
    uniform growth while recapturing all excess back into the system.
  • Convenient Reservoir hatch for the addition of water, nutrients, and pH/EC testing.
  • Most leafy greens can grow from seed to plant in the wall without the need for a seedling, nursery stage or germination stage.
  • Combine distinct crops side by side inside the same growth environment with maximum performance.
  • Plants grow in an organic and recyclable medium.
  • Produces healthier, lusher, and more flavorful plants in a much shorter harvest time.
  • Not dependent on complex high technologies or computer technology for smooth operation.
  • Streamlined efficient operation reduced the time and the number of people required to manage the cultivation.
  • The irrigation system is extremely water-efficient using 90% less water than traditional soil environments or aquaponic systems.
  • Plants have direct access to water and nutrients and are not forced to develop extensive root systems since uptake is improved.
  • Aeroponic irrigation makes the application of nutrients in the water equally accurate and uniform.


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